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Industrial Hemp Derived

Full Spectrum Cannabinoids - Does not contain THC - Will not make you High
Will not show on a drug test - Industry Leading QR Batch Tracking with COA


CBD Gummies:

PureStasis & PheelGoodz CBD Gummies are an excellent start to the exploration of hemp derived CBD infused treats. This delightful selection has challenged perfection to become a source of serenity and health as well as the favorite snack of many.

Available In:
Brands: PureStasis & PheelGoodz
90mg = $13.99 MSRP
150mg = $19.99 MSRP
300mg = $29.99 MSRP
500mg  = $44.99 MSRP


CBD Tinctures:

Now you can enjoy your CBD oil in an easy to carry around and delicious to consume tincture. You won't forget how helpful they can really be. These will soon become a regular supliment in your diet. Brands PureStasis & PheelGoodz

Available In: 
Brands: PureStasis & PheelGoodz
150mg = $29.99 MSRP
300mg = $44.99 MSRP
600mg = $74.99 MSRP
1000mg = $119.99 MSRP


*NEW* Lotion And Additive:

Hemp derived CBD infused Body Lotion & CBD Additive.  This topical body pain cream lotion is formulated to help ease even the toughest spots your needing soothed.  The Additive is for those that want to add to an existing product such as a Vape Eliquid.

Natural Clarity Lotion:
450mg = $69.99 MSRP
600mg = $89.99 MSRP
PureStasis Additive:
500mg = $64.99 MSRP

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