Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions

If you still have questions not covered below, call us at (317)316-4223 (M-F 8-5 EST)

Is CBD Legal in my state?

YES, in most states. PureStasis products are derived fromCO2 extracted industrial hemp to ensure no THC. Our CBD is sourced from hemp grown under a state pilot program and qualify according to federal guidelines as a hemp derived product under the 2018 FARM BILL however, some states have further restrictions on CBD.

Can CBD get me high?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Our CBD is a CO2 extracted isolate, meaning only pure CBD can be found within our product. CBD is a non-psychoactive byproduct of industrial hemp.

Why does the label say “Less than 0.3% THC”?

We get it, it looks weird. Since we manufacture in the state of Indiana, we have to state on the packaging that any CBD product sold contains less than 0.3% THC. Rest assured, we use an isolate CBD which is free of any THC.

Can CBD replace my daily prescribed medication?

We don’t have access to your medical file or medical history. So, wait before replacing a prescribed medication with our product. We are not Doctors with years of experience in diagnostic medicine. Before stopping any prescribed medication consult with your doctor on your plans to use CBD products.

Can I overdose on CBD?

To much of anything can be bad. Overdosing on CBD will have much the same effect on you as overeating your favorite sweet. We post dosing instructions for each of our products on the label. If you feel like you’re not getting the desired results, slowly increase your dosage.

Will CBD show on a drug test?

We get this question a lot. Industrial Hemp is a member of the cannabis family, which means on certain drug screens CBD can show as positive for cannabis use. No need to be alarmed though. Be forthcoming about your use of CBD products and all should be fine. For more information read our blog post on drug testing and CBD HERE.

Exchange Policy

We only exchange goods if they are defective or damaged. In circumstances where you consider that a product is defective, you should promptly contact us at (317)316-4223 with details of the product and the defect. You can send the item you consider defective to:

PureStasis Returns

6746 E State Blvd

Fort Wayne, IN 46815

Upon receipt of the returned product, we will fully examine it and notify you via e-mail, within a reasonable period of time, whether you are entitled to a replacement as a result of the defect. If you are eligible, we will send you a replacement product.

What ingredients are used in your products?

We proudly disclose all ingredients used in our products. This information can be found both on the package or on our product tracking website via the QR (QuickResponse) code found on the package.

Can you ship internationally?

We currently only ship in the United States.

Can you ship anywhere in the US?

Yes. Shipping rates and times will differ depending on your location.

How fast will I receive my order?

We will process orders within 72 hours of receiving them. After processing, orders will be shipped via the shipping method chosen at checkout. If you placed your order on Saturday or Sunday, order processing will begin on Monday.